Build Efficient Hiperwalls with Allwave-AV & NEC HIPERWALL

September 4, 2019by AllWave AV
Build Efficient Hiperwalls with Allwave-AV & NEC HIPERWALL

Hiperwall! Heard of a Video Wall, What’s a HIPERWALL?

Hiperwall is a software technology that powers the most cutting-edge video walls and distributed visualization systems available today. 

We at Allwave-AV partner with the BEST, Creators and innovators in technology in the AV industry for a more lively and meaningful Video Wall Solution that adheres to the fundamentals of your business requirements and impacts.

Allwave-Av collaborates with NEC Hiperwall the most prominent display technology designers and Video Wall software re-creators that have transformed Video Wall solutions for Large-displays, become inexpensive and scalable.

 Introduction To Hiperwall

The basis of any Hiperwall system is a defined and managed network providing a secure infrastructure as well as the flexibility to enhance bandwidth whenever necessary. Unlike traditional or legacy video wall systems, Hiperwall future-proofs your system by completely eliminating the need for proprietary hardware, including costly, inflexible video wall processors that limit scalability. 

NEC Hiperwall

Hiperwall solutions span across various verticals predominantly in Command & Control, Entertainment, Digital Signage, Corporate AV & Education. NEC And HIPERWALL collaborate to provide innovative larger-display video wall solutions in mission-critical applications, such as control rooms and analytic review and prognosis, to visualize information from multiple data sources via video walls, projection solutions, large format displays, and LED walls, in real-time. 

  1.   Quick Access & Overview

Immediate access to all the required information in order to quickly assess a situation, maximize situational awareness and take the appropriate swift action. 

  1. Accelerating Data

Visualize information in high resolution, Identify root causes, and optimize processes in order to enhance decision making.

  1. Future Demand

The secure, scalable, and flexible System Architecture of Hiperwall with unlimited flexibility allows systems to be re-configured, for the future.

  1. Distributed PC Systems

Changes according to alterations of demand are possible at any time, all based on an expandable network.

  1.   Flexible and Fast Content Visualisation

It is easy to add, move, resize and remove content via drag and drop regardless of the visual technology offered by NEC Display Solutions: single displays, video walls, projection screens, or LED walls. What is shown on the central control is what is visible on all the output screens. 

  1.   Easy to Manage Content and Sources