Digital Cafeteria to Create Rich Employee Experiences

April 7, 2020by AllWave AV
How digital cafeterias are creating experiences  

As the world goes digital, it becomes increasingly important for us to keep up with this fast-paced world. Companies are looking for digitized workplaces, so why can’t the cafeterias be digitized too?

In the modern corporate world, the cafeteria is not just a place to sit and have some meals, it is becoming a hub of communication. Equipped with the latest technology, a modern cafeteria is now a place for employees to connect and collaborate.

A positive, productive work environment and a healthy corporate cafeteria are essential to every business. More and more companies are looking at corporate dining programs to support business goals. Food is no doubt the main attraction, but the cafeteria space also plays an indispensable role in creating a relaxed ambiance.

Organizations focus on cafeterias because they want to give their employees an incentive to stay back and also be more productive when they engage with their co-workers.

Studies have proven that digital cafeterias with the latest technology enable employees to be more productive. It also enables employees to exchange ideas with their teams and return to work rejuvenated. Leaving the workstations for short breaks is important to keep the limbs and joints fit and also to keep the mind more refreshed.

Moving away from the workstation gives the employees time to relax, destress and communicate. It helps them increase concentration and keeps them focused. Organizations today are keen on maintaining an enthusiastic environment and modern, tech-savvy cafeterias are a good way to accomplish that goal.

Let’s understand in some detail how digital cafeterias have grown to be beneficial for employees as well as organizations.

#Digital Displays

Having displays in cafeterias will help you to display daily menus, rolling text or company news. It also enables you to play videos. With Digital display you can organize entertainment and team building activities at very short notice.

#Digital Menu Boards

Digital Signage Menu Boards offer greater capabilities than traditional menu signage. You can include the images of menu choices, interactive features such as order entry, item modification, nutritional information, and promotion of healthy dining options. They allow menu changes and pricing revisions that can be automated or easily implemented manually.


Corporate Cafeteria projectors should be of high resolution so that they can be used with a wide variety of content sources, such as DVDs and other streaming media from a content server. Projectors can be used in the main cafeteria space to display content for both large group presentations and small interactive sessions.

#AV system

For ideal sound clarity during presentations, always use a dedicated audio system that is separate from the building’s overhead paging system. Such systems provide zoned distribution and can be programmed to prevent interruptions from the paging system that is used for information announcements.

AllWave AV helps clients to create a multi-use digital cafeteria that can also be used for meetings, corporate events, and town hall events as and when required. With a digital cafeteria, when necessary, the same space can also be used for leisure activities like company parties.

At Allwave, we not only create exceptional digital cafeterias but also provide businesses with the additional flexibility of multi-use and small event venues.