Discover how Oblong’s Mezzanine can optimize your Hybrid Workplace strategy

June 28, 2021by AllWave AV

Optimize your Hybrid Workplace Strategies   

The pandemic has to lead to many evaluations to be made when we join the office now, Organizations need to have many strategies to be dealing with rooms being in a combination of in-person as well as remote working. 

Most organizations today have been dealing with the global impact of the Pandemic for the last few months. It’s clear that teams are facing multiple challenges when it comes to meaningful and efficient collaboration.

we often see that meetings are limited to sharing only one content stream at a time. This kind of meeting flow then gets disrupted, and it creates a bottleneck when it comes to sharing content. 96% of those in the survey indicate that they need more intelligent workplace technology to improve the work environment here at oblong. We believe that in-person meetings remain a key part of having a collaborative culture.

And of course, more employees will need to connect and collaborate between their office locations and remotely. As going forward, we need to make sure most companies need to prioritize that the meeting space, the collaboration spaces that they have optimized for remote collaboration. 

Teams come together to meet, to share, and to decide. But if we look at really why they are coming together in terms of with their colleagues and collaborators, be they in the office or remote or a different just joining remotely, it’s because they need to fix big problems. They don’t work in a silo to fix big problems. 

Many IT workplaces and indeed, leadership teams are being tasked with finding a visual collaboration technology that offers flexibility to their staff that drives engagement but also ensures productivity. And fundamentally, it encourages employees to come back into the office.  

Oblong Mezzanine offers the opportunity to improve the way your teams work together and help them make better business decisions. Multi-Content Share is the first innovation in collaboration in over thirty years that addresses how people collaborate on data and information. The “new normal” needs new capabilities to drive your business forward.

To learn more about what oblong mezzanine can offer to your organization, check out our latest webinar below