Exploring the Importance of Excellent Technical Support

May 3, 2024by AllWave AV
Introduction: Exploring the Importance of Excellent Technical Support

In today’s fast-evolving corporate environment, seamless audiovisual (AV) systems are not just beneficial—they are essential. However, the complexity of modern AV solutions demands more than just installation; it requires ongoing, proficient technical support to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

A report came out  from an industry magazine called System Contractor News that showed that within the commercial integration business (Audio, Video and Collaboration), integrators by a vote of almost 3:1 valued quality technical support over any other vendor provided service. In short what the numbers showed was that as value added resellers, we are more interested in great service than low prices or specialized logistics support.

While our industry, similarly to many other industries says we are more interested in service than price, we often find ourselves in a tough predicament of trying to have both. In fact, with our interests always being in serving our customers, we often lump quality into the same conversation meaning we are trying to drive the lowest price, best service and highest quality products into every job we do. When you really think about it, this starts to sound like “Mission Impossible,” as most companies know that when you go for all three you are almost always going to come up short with one.

Putting Value In Technical Capabilities.

For customers making sizable investments in their technology spaces often price is put at the top of the list when choosing a vendor.

Generally this has to do with a perception that all the potential suppliers are the same, so why not just select on price. However, this may be a mistake because in the world of integration not all players are the same and perhaps one of the great differences is in the technical support we provide.

When we started off this article we talked about how integrators weigh the importance of tech support. Basically going up the food chain we want our manufacturer and distributor partners to help us when product issues creep up (and they do). Downstream we recognize our customers expect the same from us. When a room system or device has a problem you are looking to us to provide fast and productive support.

  • The Critical Role of Technical Support

Technical support goes beyond troubleshooting; it involves understanding the client’s unique needs and ensuring their AV systems enhance rather than hinder their operations. A study by AVIXA highlights that organizations with access to responsive and knowledgeable technical support report higher satisfaction and reduced downtime, directly impacting productivity and the bottom line.

  • Case Studies of Success

Consider the experiences of leading firms featured on platforms like Inavate and SCN 50, where technical support has transformed potential AV disasters into triumphs of technology. These case studies not only illustrate the capabilities of expert support teams but also demonstrate how they are instrumental in maintaining the integrity and functionality of complex AV setups.

  • Forward-Thinking Strategies

The future of AV is here with technologies like AI integration and automated diagnostics, further underscoring the importance of sophisticated technical support. As AV systems become increasingly integrated with IT infrastructure, the expertise of tech support becomes more crucial in navigating these integrations smoothly and effectively.


Investing in high-quality technical support is not just about fixing problems—it’s about preventing them. By choosing AV solutions backed by excellent support, businesses ensure they are equipped to handle anything the future holds, making it an invaluable component of any AV strategy.

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