How following the AVIXA STANDARDS can ensure you quality AV services?

November 19, 2019by AllWave AV
AVIXA Standards to ensure AV Quality Services  

Just like the movies have Oscars to signify their value, the AV industry has certain standards and certifications that matter to both integrators and end-customers to ensure the credibility of the services and products they are dealing with.

Standards like the kinds of AVIXA support technology, design, and procedures that signify the reliability, competency, and success of AV Technology and integrations. When the AV devices you set up in your organization comply with such standards – you reduce cost, decrease handling complexity, become more productive, and reduce the risk of indulging in faulty service and technology from your AV integrators. This eventually leads to your organization’s holistic growth.

Let’s dig deeper.

Would you ask an electrician to fix your furniture? And neither would you call a plumber who is the cheapest, but has no credentials or relevant certifications to do your job.

Similarly, when you are looking to invest in an AV installation, regardless of the size, you should expect your AV integrator to deliver high-quality installation and products, on time, on a reasonable budget, and in a professional manner. They should hold relevant certifications, employ industry-certified staff, and adhere to industry standards to ensure quality service.

When you hire someone who has a certified staff that follows standards you ensure lesser complications in the future which helps you create a lasting positive impression on the outsiders that engage with your organization.

AV integrators who follow industry standards like those from AVIXA, also help you avoid pitfalls during a project.

Why should you pay extra to an AV integrator who spent 3 extra days to fix acoustic challenges in a conference room when they could’ve easily designed it by sticking to the existing standards?

AVIXA is the leading resource provider for AV performance standards that are balanced and open so that everyone in the industry can benefit. They support all technical procedures, design procedures that focus mainly on reliability, competence, and success. AVIXA also offers resources such as AV best practices, BIM parameters, documentation samples, and various AV / IT handbooks.

The AVIXA/ANSI Standards are available for purchase, and discounts are available to AVIXA members.

The list includes:

  1. AV architectural drawing symbols,
  2. Guidelines for systems design and coordination processes,
  3. AV systems energy management,
  4. Standards for display size
  5. Projected image system contrast ratio, for designers and architects, to benefit from.

Apart from these, AVIXA is also continually working on new standards for AV rack design, network security, and video conferencing lighting.

These standards represent requirements for openness, balance, consensus, and due process. Get more information on how AllWave provides services/products that adhere to the current AV Standards.

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