How to Increase Collaboration Among Remote Teams

April 6, 2020by AllWave AV
Here are a few suggestions to bridge the gap between remote employees to help them communicate effectively.  

People prefer remote work now more than ever. But with the current worldwide health crisis, remote work has become an essential part of the workforce or teams across the globe.

​ This shift in the work culture demands a new kind of leadership and management. Remote teams face communication challenges and crave collaboration and creative synergy that makes work exceptional and emotionally fulfilling.

For remote teams, video conferencing has made things simple. Most companies use video conferencing solutions to keep teams connected and to facilitate collaboration.

This fast-paced adoption of technology drives and enables changes in the way businesses to operate. Here are a few suggestions to bridge the gap between remote employees to help them communicate effectively.

#Effective Collaboration

Effective collaboration is the key to successful remote work. There are various platforms and services available to make communication easier. Using these tools will help keep everyone well informed of any projects or tasks at hand and allow them to work together as a strong team.


 Virtual collaboration tools allow remote employees to collaborate as if they’re in the same conference room. Employees can use forms of virtual communication in the workplace, such as video conferencing, emails, instant messages, and VOIP calls. Employees working together across various time zones are more likely to be productive if they’re able to collaborate effectively from home.


Effective communication is the best way to ensure your team stays productive and motivated. The biggest challenge among remote teams is the lack of communication. Set up communication guidelines and tools, and insist on your team’s adherence to avoid challenges, wasted time and frustration among remote teams. Video conferencing is the most important tool for effective communication among remote teams. Sync is the perfect software from AllWave AV Systems for virtual collaboration and video meetings among remote teams.

Sync provides you with various features, such as interactive whiteboard, screen sharing, live chat, document sharing, and more for team collaboration, team meetings, live lectures, and consulting.

Sync comes with many features that help your organization to communicate effectively, save time, and increase productivity during remote meetings. Below are a few interesting features.


Share your entire screen or part of the document or just an application with your participants. It allows you to annotate important points during a meeting in real-time.

#Real-time text, voice, video

It also provides a live chat option for brainstorming sessions that allows participants in meetings to communicate easily and share ideas.

#Screen sharing/whiteboard

Sync comes with a whiteboard option for brainstorming sessions. It allows you to draw freehand or use predefined shapes to bring thoughts into visual documents. These can then be downloaded as a pdf directly.

The biggest challenge in remote meetings is to keep people engaged. But remember that when it comes to communication and engagement, it helps to think outside the box and try new solutions. AllWave provides a 12-month free subscription to online Sync Meetings if you register for Quantum Leap – an all-in-one smart video conferencing endpoint.

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