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“Despite facing delays due to global delivery issues with our requirements, Allwave provided us with exceptional assistance in arranging spare equipment till the project was fully completed. We were satisfied with the level of support provided by their team, particularly their project team; they also demonstrated a keen understanding of our pain points and offered the best possible solutions to address them. Thanks to his excellent project management skills, the escalations were also addressed and handled professionally”.

-Mr. Inayat Shaikh (IT Head)

Synechron, Pune

About the Project: Synechron Inc. Pune India


Synechron is a global consulting and technology organization that specializes in providing digital, business consulting, and technology services to financial institutions.

Synechron has a strong track record of delivering innovative solutions to its clients in the financial services industry. In addition to its expertise in digital and business consulting, Synechron has a deep understanding of the technology landscape, making it a trusted partner for financial institutions looking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.


Some additional points to consider about Synechron’s offerings include:


Synechron was looking to upgrade their Audiovisual System capabilities throughout their workspace. They identified several areas that required Audio Video Systems Integration, including the boardroom, pantry, digital cafeteria, reception area, meeting room, collaboration space, and a special area known as Finlab.

Upon the company’s acceptance of the proposed solutions, Allwave collaborated with their team to ensure timely and cost-effective installation. Additionally, they provided training to the company’s staff on how to use the new AV equipment with step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the solutions on standees.


Audio and Visual Upgrades:


Allwave AV provided a range of solutions to improve the audio and visual capabilities of the office facility.

The Polycom and Cisco Webex video conferencing systems in the boardrooms ensure clear audio and video during virtual meetings.

The Brightsign players and Crestron controllers make it easy for employees to control and manage the audio-visual equipment in the boardroom.

In the pantry and cafeteria, the new projectors, screens, and audio systems provide entertainment during breaks, while the gaming zone creates a fun and engaging environment for employees. Allwave AV also provided solutions for the installation of control systems to ensure the smooth operation and management of all AV equipment.


Intended Use of Few Areas for Audiovisual System Integrations:


Boardrooms: The boardrooms are used for important meetings and presentations. Allwave AV recommended and installed Polycom and Cisco Webex video conferencing systems, along with Brightsign players and Crestron controllers. These systems improve the quality of audio and video during virtual meetings, making it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate with clients and colleagues.

Finlab: Finlab was provided with a custom-made interactive display solution with push-pull locking type brackets and an effective customer engagement solution consisting of LG Touch display, LG Interactive digital board, Logitech USB camera, and thin client PC’s. The AV solutions for video walls used for visual workspace solutions included Prysm, an LED Video Wall. For the audio system, Shure ceiling microphones and a Phoenix microphone array with built-in DSP were installed, along with Clearone speakers and Crestron amplifiers. The control system includes Apple iPads, wireless content stream device, Amazon Echo Plus – Smart speaker with Alexa, and Google Nest Audio.

Pantry & Cafeteria: The pantry and digital cafeteria provide employees with a space to eat and take breaks. Allwave AV installed projectors, screens, and other Audiovisual System systems in these areas, allowing for entertainment during breaks. They also created a new gaming zone that features Xbox One Series and Microsoft Xbox X/S Wireless Controller Robot White, providing a fun and engaging environment for employees during their downtime.




Overall, the company was thrilled with the results of the Audio Video Systems upgrades and the expert guidance provided by Allwave AV. The company now has a modern, fully functional office space that is equipped with the latest AV technology to support their business needs.

As a result of the AV upgrades, the company’s employees can now collaborate more effectively and efficiently, whether it be in large boardroom meetings, small huddle room team meetings, or informal collaboration spaces. Additionally, the new AV systems have improved the overall functionality and aesthetics of the office space.

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