Enhancing Boardroom Communication with Yealink AV System


In today’s fast-paced business environment, advanced audio-visual (AV) solutions are crucial for effective communication and collaboration in boardrooms. This case study explores the integration of the Yealink AV system in a medium-to-large boardroom, highlighting its impact on communication and overall meeting efficiency.

Boardroom Setting: A modern boardroom that requires high-quality AV solutions to facilitate seamless communication and presentations. The setting demands reliable technology that can support both in-room and remote participants effectively.

Solution Overview: Yealink MVC860-C5-713 Video Conferencing System: Tailored for medium-to-large rooms, this system offers a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms, boosting meeting efficiency and collaboration across dispersed teams.

Camera and Control: The system features a UVC86 12X optical PTZ 4K dual-eye intelligent camera that ensures high-definition video capturing. The VCR20 remote control allows easy adjustments and operation, adding convenience and flexibility during meetings.

Core System Components

The Yealink MCoreKit-C5 includes:

MCore Pro mini-PC
MTouch Plus touch panel

These components streamline the management and automation of the meeting environment, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

Content Sharing: The WPP30 enables wireless content sharing, facilitating presentations and collaboration without physical constraints, thus enhancing the flow of meetings.

Audio System: The audio setup comprises two VCM35 array microphones and the Yealink MSpeaker II. This configuration ensures clear and powerful audio capture and output. The microphones feature a 360-degree voice pickup range of up to 6 meters, ideal for large boardrooms, ensuring every participant is heard clearly.

Network and Power: The RCH40 PoE Switch simplifies connectivity and power supply for audio components, enhancing setup cleanliness and reliability.

Software and Warranty: The system is preloaded with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS and Microsoft Teams Rooms App, offering out-of-the-box functionality. It includes a two-year hardware warranty, providing assurance on the investment.


Installation Process: The system was installed following a detailed plan that addressed specific challenges such as room acoustics and component placement for optimal performance. Feedback from IT specialists indicated that the integration with existing infrastructure was smooth and efficient.

System Integration: The Yealink MVC860-C5-713 was seamlessly integrated with the existing Microsoft Teams setup, ensuring a unified communication platform that supports both in-room and remote participants.


Enhanced Meeting Efficiency: The dual-eye camera and intelligent microphone placement automatically focus on the speaker, reducing the need for manual adjustments. This feature enhances the meeting flow and reduces downtime.

Superior Audio-Visual Quality: The system ensures crystal-clear audio and sharp video for all participants, which is crucial for detailed presentations and discussions.

Ease of Use: The integration with Microsoft Teams and plug-and-play capabilities make the system accessible for all users, regardless of their tech proficiency.

Reliability and Support: With a robust warranty and comprehensive customer support, the boardroom’s AV needs are securely backed up, ensuring minimal downtime and reliable performance.


The integration of the Yealink AV system has significantly transformed boardroom communication, enhancing collaboration and meeting efficiency. The system’s advanced features and ease of use have streamlined operations, ensuring that the boardroom remains a hub for productive and effective meetings.

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