Smart Education Technology Solutions Facilitated

Enhancing Communication Technology 

IIT Bombay is one of the top technical universities in the world. It is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field of engineering education and research. IIT Bombay’s vision is to be recognized as a leading global technology university that provides a transformative education to create leaders and innovators and generates new knowledge for society and industry. 

What was IIT looking for?  

IIT Bombay wanted to provide students with several spaces for creative learning and to enhance the interactions between faculty and students during sessions. They also wanted to adapt for Smart technology whiteboard so that using VC solutions it can be annotated and also be able to present wirelessly.

The management team at IIT Bombay requested the following:

  • Ensure high-quality audio and video delivery to facilitate an uninterrupted learning experience. Ensure precision in the visibility and clarity of the images and speech.
  • Ensure precision in the visibility and clarity of the images and speech.
  • Incorporate the preferred tools for the smart whiteboard.
  • Wireless presentation tools.
  • Modules working in the background are controllable using a wireless iPad.

Allwave AV Systems solutions helped create a high-tech mechanical room with a capacity of 65-70 seaters. It featured state-of-the-art presentation and communication aids.

The AV integration includes setting up a Soft VC solution for real-time interactions and sharing and recording the contents on a whiteboard. Every participant can share their content wirelessly using Klik Boks Plus. Klik wireless presentation device allows participants to share their screen wirelessly without any cables or connectors.

The state of art facilities helped to accomplish IIT Bombay’s vision. With the latest learning technology, the quality of interactions has been enhanced, resulting in a more effective learning environment.


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