Innovative Space Implementation at a Multinational Service Company

JDA Software Group now known as “Blue Yonder” is an American Software Driven Company. A leading AI-driven SCM (Supply Chain Management) platform.

Blue Yonder, a leading AI-driven supply chain management platform, needed an innovative “showcase space” to demonstrate their solutions and to address the unique business challenges of their clients. Cutting-edge AV technology was used to create this space, allowing distinctive visual and collaborative exchange with clients.

The client required flexible meeting and workspace so that they could make use of most of their work area when equipped with high-end audio-visual systems.

Solution Offered:
Being a leading IT service provider, they needed to give multiple presentations with dynamic and compelling visual demonstrations. We proposed developing multiple video conference and presentation capable rooms as well as some unique meeting spaces to coincide with the ultra-modern design of the space. Allwave AV Systems provided Blue Yonder (JDA) with a range of high-end audio-visual solutions and presentation services for effective communication and collaboration, thereby improving their business performance. High definition video conferencing system was installed with a Panasonic display for presentation.

Cisco Webex Room Kit, a powerful video conferencing solution, was integrated into their meeting rooms to have powerful collaboration between teams and clients. Cisco Webex Room Kit delivers high-end audio and video conferencing experience to have smarter meetings and smarter presentations.

For efficient usage and effective monitoring of Meeting rooms, Cue Controllers were integrated outside rooms, to make better use of JDA’s newly installed high-tech meeting rooms and to avoid double bookings, confusion, and interrupted meetings.

The AV equipment also included a live streaming solution “Epiphan Pearl Mini”. It’s an all-in-one video conferencing solution which can be easily integrated with Crestron systems.

For the presentation solution, Smart BenQ projectors were installed, as they are easy to install and also allows us to have a wireless presentation, which helps in improving team productivity. We designed a multi-usage digital cafeteria that allows them to use the space as a cafeteria and also for informal meetings, events, or parties as and when required. We suggested the use of Large LED monitors to get a clear view of the content which made the solutions extremely simple and could be conducted even in broad daylight.

One of the highlights of the project was Workstation with Dual Monitor Arm that allows employees to have the best angle according to their convenience. It was a unique part of the project, which garnered quite a bit of attention.

We ensured all the facilities were well equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, including multiple screen displays, high-end video conferencing systems, branded projectors, and automation solutions from Crestron, thereby allowing an incredible mix of sources while displaying images across multiple screens and giving Blue Yonder’s employees several unique presentation options.

Each office space at Blue Yonder (JDA) has now been equipped with a high-end videoconferencing system to provide a connected and innovative workspace for employees to connect with each other and clients. The project was completed on time, within budget, and exceeded the client’s expectations. This coherent, intelligently designed installation has changed the way Blue Yonder (JDA) communicates and works.

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