KPIT Case Study: Future-Proof Your Auditorium & Stay Ahead with Modern AV Solutions

Our client, a leading educational institution, envisioned an advanced auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to facilitate immersive learning experiences, dynamic presentations, and seamless collaboration.

Client Feedback:

“As Mr. Rajesh Vaidya put it, ‘The communication within the project team was excellent, and the coordination among support teams was also good. The project team, in particular, did a great job at coordination, ensuring that the project timelines were well-maintained.”

  • Mr. Rajesh Vaidya
  • KPIT


Challenges Faced: The client sought to overcome several challenges in their existing auditorium setup
  • Outdated audiovisual equipment hindering effective communication.
  • Lack of coordination among different audiovisual components resulting in inefficiencies.
  • Inadequate support for modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions.
Solution Provided:

Working closely with the client, our team developed a comprehensive audiovisual solution tailored to their specific requirements. Here’s an overview of the key components installed:


A. Display System:

Implemented a high-resolution LED Wall Processor by Novastar (4K Prime) to drive the LED Wall, ensuring vibrant and crisp visuals.
Installed a 65″ Sidefill Display with custom brackets for optimal viewing angles.

B. Display Support System:

Integrated a custom-designed Floor Box with HDMI, Data, and Power Connectivity, providing seamless integration with the auditorium setup.
Recommended a Cisco network switch with 48 ports for robust network connectivity.

C. Video Conferencing (VC) System:

Deployed Sony PTZ Cameras (SRG-A12 for Trainer, SRG-A40 for Audience) with IP-based Joystick Controller (Sony RM-IP500) for versatile camera control.
Utilized Inogeni HDMI to USB Capture Card for efficient video capture.
Supplied a Thin Client PC for wireless presentation capabilities.

D. Audio System:

Installed Amplifiers and  DSP for pristine audio output and sophisticated signal processing.
Integrated Sennheiser wireless microphones and receivers for clear and reliable audio transmission.
Included a Studiomaster AIR16U Analog Mixer for versatile audio control. Along with KME ILS 64 FOH Speakers, which were wall mounted in the Auditorium.

E. Lectern:

Provided a custom-designed lectern with USB charging, power sockets, LED light, and an openable flap for convenience during presentations.

F. Control System:

Implemented Cue Systems Versatile D AV Controller for centralized control of audiovisual devices.
Installed custom wall mounts for iPads to streamline user interaction and control.

G. Cables & Connectors:

Supplied high-quality bulk cables for audiovisual and collaboration needs, ensuring reliable connectivity.

H. Services:

Offered comprehensive installation, testing, and commissioning services, along with system development and one-year onsite support.
Programmed DSPs to enable complete AV control via iPads, enhancing user experience and convenience.

Additional Material:

Provided essential accessories such as a trolley for confidence monitor, tripod for cameras, WiFi router, and AV rack for efficient equipment management.

Challenges Faced in detail:

Outdated audiovisual equipment hindering effective communication:

Prior to our intervention, the client’s auditorium was equipped with outdated audiovisual systems that struggled to deliver clear and immersive communication experiences. This limitation hindered the effectiveness of presentations and lectures, impacting audience engagement and understanding.
Lack of coordination among different audiovisual components resulting in inefficiencies:

The disparate nature of the existing audiovisual setup led to coordination challenges, resulting in inefficiencies during events and presentations. Without seamless integration and coordination among components, the client faced difficulties in managing and operating their audiovisual infrastructure efficiently.
Inadequate support for modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions:

The existing setup lacked support for modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions, limiting the client’s ability to engage their audience effectively. Without the necessary tools and technology, the client struggled to deliver dynamic and engaging presentations that met the evolving needs of their audience.

Results Achieved:

Enhanced communication and collaboration among presenters and audience members:

By upgrading to state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, we facilitated clear and immersive communication experiences within the auditorium. The high-resolution LED Wall Processor and strategically placed displays ensured that visuals were vibrant and crisp, capturing the audience’s attention and enhancing comprehension. Additionally, the deployment of advanced VC systems enabled seamless remote collaboration, allowing presenters to engage with remote participants effectively.

Streamlined operation and control of audiovisual devices, leading to smoother presentations:

Through the implementation of a comprehensive control system and custom-designed floor boxes, we addressed the coordination challenges faced by the client. Centralized control of audiovisual devices simplified operation, allowing presenters to focus on delivering their content without disruptions. The integration of network switches and high-quality cables ensured reliable connectivity, minimizing technical glitches and downtime during presentations.

Modernized infrastructure supporting a wide range of interactive teaching and presentation techniques:

The revamped audiovisual infrastructure provided the client with the flexibility to adopt modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions. The inclusion of wireless presentation capabilities, custom-designed lecterns, and advanced audio systems empowered presenters to deliver engaging and interactive content. Additionally, the provision of essential accessories such as trolleys, tripods, and AV racks enhanced the versatility and functionality of the auditorium, enabling the client to accommodate diverse event requirements seamlessly.


In conclusion, our collaborative effort with the leading educational institution resulted in a transformative upgrade of their auditorium audiovisuals, addressing key challenges and unlocking new possibilities for enhanced collaborative experiences. By meticulously analyzing the client’s pain points and tailoring our solution to their specific requirements, we successfully modernized their infrastructure while ensuring seamless integration and operation.

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