Empowering Sanofi with Seamless Audiovisual Integration for Zoom Rooms Nationwide

Case Study: Empowering Sanofi with Seamless Audiovisual Integration for Zoom Rooms Nationwide

Sanofi, a leading global pharmaceutical company, sought to enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities across their offices in India. With a focus on upgrading meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms, Sanofi aimed to streamline their operations and improve productivity through integrated audiovisual solutions. They partnered with us, a trusted provider of AV integration services, to fulfill their vision.


Nationwide Deployment: Sanofi required AV systems to be installed in multiple locations across India, presenting logistical challenges and the need for standardized solutions.
Integration with Zoom Rooms: The client requested seamless integration with Zoom Rooms, ensuring compatibility and ease of use for their employees.
Varied Room Types: Meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms each had unique requirements, necessitating tailored solutions for optimal performance.Solution:
Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of Sanofi’s requirements and infrastructure to devise a customized solution.
Leveraging our expertise in AV integration and collaboration technologies, we proposed the following:

Unified AV Platform: Implementing a standardized AV platform based on Zoom Rooms technology to ensure consistency and ease of use across all locations.
Room-Specific Solutions: Tailoring AV setups to suit the specific needs of each room type, including display screens, cameras, microphones, and speakers optimized for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms.
Nationwide Deployment: Coordination with local teams and vendors for efficient deployment of AV systems across multiple Sanofi offices throughout India.
Training and Support: Providing comprehensive training sessions for Sanofi employees to familiarize them with the new AV systems and offering ongoing support to address any technical issues or questions.

The successful implementation of audiovisual systems integration for Zoom Rooms across Sanofi’s offices in India yielded significant benefits:

Enhanced Collaboration: Seamless integration with Zoom Rooms facilitated smooth and efficient virtual meetings, fostering collaboration among Sanofi teams nationwide.
Improved Efficiency: Standardized AV setups simplified meeting processes and reduced the time spent on technical troubleshooting, leading to improved operational efficiency.
Consistent User Experience: Employees experienced a consistent and user-friendly interface across all meeting spaces, regardless of location or room type.

By partnering with us for audiovisual systems integration, Sanofi successfully transformed their meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms into modern collaboration hubs. The standardized AV platform, tailored solutions, and nationwide deployment have empowered Sanofi to conduct seamless virtual meetings and drive productivity across their organization. As a trusted partner, we remain committed to supporting Sanofi’s audiovisual needs and enabling their continued success in the dynamic landscape of modern workplace technology.

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