“War Room” With Advanced AV Experience for Automobile Company

For better collaboration and decision making

What was the Client looking for?

As a multinational manufacturer of cars, utility vehicles, buses, trucks, and defense vehicles, our client strives to provide its customers with a holistic service.

To strengthen its commitment to enhance the customer experience and to offer them the best-in-class service experience, the client wanted improved collaboration and conferencing tools. They also wanted a “War Room” for decision-making, enhancing the quality of remote meetings and training sessions.

How Did We Help?

AllWave AV Systems acted as a helping hand to the client, with an AV- equipped War Room wherein we installed technology solutions for better collaboration, video conferencing, lighting automation, and energy management.

AllWave team analyzed their requirement and delivered a War Room equipped with technology solutions such as Zoom, Teams, Kaptivo Whiteboard Solutiion adn Raylogic Lighting Automation System.

The solutions we provided helped them to improve decision-making and collaboration, ease project understanding for all participants, help track resource usage and energy management.

As a result, the “War Room” proved to be the greatest asset for them to achieve better coordination and improved video conferencing.

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