Zoom enabled collaboration solution with Crestron mercury.

F5 Networks has a huge team of networking experts who need to communicate with their clients and customers in remote locations. Keeping design standards in mind F5 Unified Communications department designed the BOM and recommended zoom solutions for end-to-end communication with their teams located remotely. Zoom Room solutions provide flawless communication with far-end users.

What was the Networking Company looking for?  

F5 Networks had a requirement for their meeting, training rooms to be used by the Hyderabad office. Analysis of design-build was done for both areas. After careful analysis keeping Infocomm standards in mind, audiovisual solutions were designed and integrated.

From collaboration and presentation systems in multiple training and meeting rooms, Allwave AV provided F5 Networks with cost-effective and unified communication solutions that help their teams to increase productivity and team efficiency.

From the modern briefing center to video conferencing setup in meeting rooms. Every little aspect has been carefully and clearly included and integrated to ensure a seamless communication experience.

Video Conferencing to help engage Students and Teachers collaborate seamlessly

The Istituto Marangoni is a private Italian school of fashion and design. It is based in Milan, in Lombardy in northern Italy. It currently educates 4,000 students per year from 107 countries. They are a unique blend of academic learning and creative practical activities.

The client wanted to create a smart classroom with the latest AV Technology so they could engage students outside the classroom dynamic and provide a positive learning experience, expand their boundaries and deliver live lectures effectively and efficiently.

  • Ensuring high quality of video and audio delivery.
  • Ensuring that the visibility and clarity of the images and speech is very high.
  • Incorporating the preferred tools of the faculty – whiteboards into the learning space.

What was IMM looking for?

The Istituto Marangoni Mumbai is a private fashion and design school that educates 4,000 students every year across 107 nations.

The client required a future-ready and scalable infrastructure for seamless communication between their teachers and students.

IMM required a smart classroom with the latest AV Technology so they could provide a positive learning experience and deliver live lectures efficiently.

How did we Help?

Using our expertise, we enabled well-equipped meeting rooms with AV solutions using Zoom technologies.

We delivered a highly collaborative and interactive solution to the institute. It included an audio conferencing microphone solution, MT600 Condor for clutter-free audio experiences. Vector WRR Wall-mounted speakers and Amplifier ADS were installed for sound optimization.

Allwave AV Systems helped the institute with a seamless collaboration solution, wherein their team can now enjoy the ease of using the Zoom Room setup.

“ Your company’s installation plan was executed well and made it possible for tutors to deliver the curriculum in a hybrid mode as we are not fully physical yet due to the pandemic situation in Mumbai. Students and Teachers are happy and satisfied with the technology and tutors are more comfortable using the hybrid setup. We thank you for all your support. ”

The team can now enjoy the ease of using the Zoom Room setup. Various workflows are simplified and increased collaboration has been observed. The room introduces interactivity and also enables seamless video collaboration. The more regular use of AV Solutions is bringing flexibility to their facility.

Enhancing Communication Technology 

IIT Bombay is one of the top technical universities in the world. It is recognized as a worldwide leader in the field of engineering education and research. IIT Bombay’s vision is to be recognized as a leading global technology university that provides a transformative education to create leaders and innovators and generates new knowledge for society and industry. 

What was IIT looking for?  

IIT Bombay wanted to provide students with several spaces for creative learning and to enhance the interactions between faculty and students during sessions. They also wanted to adapt for Smart technology whiteboard so that using VC solutions it can be annotated and also be able to present wirelessly.

The management team at IIT Bombay requested the following:

  • Ensure high-quality audio and video delivery to facilitate an uninterrupted learning experience. Ensure precision in the visibility and clarity of the images and speech.
  • Ensure precision in the visibility and clarity of the images and speech.
  • Incorporate the preferred tools for the smart whiteboard.
  • Wireless presentation tools.
  • Modules working in the background are controllable using a wireless iPad.

Allwave AV Systems solutions helped create a high-tech mechanical room with a capacity of 65-70 seaters. It featured state-of-the-art presentation and communication aids.

The AV integration includes setting up a Soft VC solution for real-time interactions and sharing and recording the contents on a whiteboard. Every participant can share their content wirelessly using Klik Boks Plus. Klik wireless presentation device allows participants to share their screen wirelessly without any cables or connectors.

The state of art facilities helped to accomplish IIT Bombay’s vision. With the latest learning technology, the quality of interactions has been enhanced, resulting in a more effective learning environment.


Our recent client is a global job search and recruitment agency that has been supporting its customers with a comprehensive recruiting solution for over 15 years.

 What was the client looking for?

For their new Hyderabad-based office, they intended to create a technologically advanced infrastructure. The client wanted easy collaboration and conferencing solutions to promote effective communications amongst teams.

 How did we Help?

AllWave AV Systems provided a future-ready and flexible collaboration workspace that promotes employee engagement, interaction, and seamless communication.

Explore how AllWave helped transform the client office into a space that promotes:

  • Improved Teamwork
  • Seamless Collaboration
  • Seamless Content Scheduling
  • Clear Communication
  • Recreation

Delivering an Integrated Collaboration Solution

Zoom Integration delivers vital capabilities for Analytics Company

It’s a top priority of a global information analytics business to effectively communicate with their clients and manage internal efficiencies.

A Fortune 1000 Analytical Company required a flexible meeting workspace as well as the management system for their office to create a cutting-edge working environment

How did we help?

AllWave AV and Diversified offered integrated solutions that enabled their teams to enhance productivity and team efficiency through simplified collaboration.

We delivered a highly collaborative and interactive solution which included meeting rooms equipped with AV solutions for display, sound systems, and video conferencing solutions.

AllWave AV Systems and Diversified acted as a helping hand to a global analytical solution company with a future-ready and flexible collaboration infrastructure wherein their team could access more intuitive tools to conduct meetings, presentations, and training sessions.

“Remarkable job is done by Ganagram (Project Engineer Allwave AV Systems) and his team, very professional, approachable, accommodating in nature. Would like to recommend them for any further projects “

Analytical Company was looking to create AV-enabled meeting infrastructure that would allow their teams to collaborate seamlessly but also deliver well on ROI. The project aimed to have an integrated AV solution to simplify collaboration.. Zoom Room was an ideal choice and is working exceptionally well helping the teams to collaborate and communicate effectively.