Morning star is a leading investment research company providing products and services for individual investors. As a pioneer, they are known for their innovative and progressive solutions that help investors reach their goals with unified communication solutions.

Morning star operates a highly focused team of experiences from their offices located remotely. They needed a seamless blend of technology and expertise to ensure that they offered the best of both to their clients as well as employees at remote locations. Their Mumbai office was looking to improve collaboration to ensure that meeting spaces were well-integrated for ease of use and smoother management at all times. The core requirement was minimal, yet powerful communication and collaboration solutions were needed. 

What was they looking for?  

Morning star has a huge team of financial experts who needs to communicate with their clients and customers in remote locations. Expertise at Allwave AV recommended zoom solutions for end-to-end communication with their teams located remotely. Zoom Room solutions provide flawless communication with far-end users.

The finance industry is very dynamic and thus needs quick decisions to be taken from the management’s perspectives.

Allwave AV was hired to deliver extensive professional video conferencing systems for their office in Mumbai to create a cutting-edge, collaborative working environment. 

Major Highlights:

Seamless Communication: Easy Collaboration:
Need for uninterrupted communication with their clients and employees in remote locations Well-integrated meeting spaces to facilitate collaboration and to ensure smoother management


From the modern briefing center to video conferencing setup in meeting rooms. Every little aspect has been carefully and clearly included and integrated to ensure a seamless communication experience.


What was Yes Bank looking for?

YES, Bank is the fourth largest bank in the private sector. The firm has been recognized among the top and fast-growing banks in various banking league tables by prestigious media houses and global advisory firms.

The bank management wanted to upgrade their training, gym, and gaming facilities to enable more natural and convenient interactions between their key managers across the globe.

The management team at the YES Bank requested high-quality audio and video delivery between rooms to make sure that the training experience is of high quality.

How did we Help?

For their multipurpose room priority was to keep the room flexible, yet incorporate all essential audiovisual solutions. ease of use was also important as many different individuals within the organization would be using AV Solutions.

Given the high-profile nature of this project, we undertook an extensive technology study to ensure that we provided the best of AV Systems that were high-tech and at the same time user-friendly.

Allwave has installed it in a way that requires minimum user intervention and training, Allwave solution for YES Bank provides complete control of the audio-visual equipment installed across the premises.

Creating Effective and Innovative AV Experiences

Deloitte wanted to equip its Parel office with a sophisticated videoconferencing system to provide a connected and innovative workspace for employees to connect with each other and customers. They also needed bespoke audiovisual solutions in their Training Rooms to host local and remote meetings and training sessions. 

What was Deloitte looking for?  

Deloitte wanted to facilitate meetings and training by reducing the need for personnel to travel without losing the impact of an in-person meeting. The majority of the rooms required audio and video conferencing, which had to be integrated without cutting into tables or the floor. Our team designed a wireless presentation system for optimal experiences.

The finance industry is very dynamic and thus needs quick decisions to be taken from the management’s perspectives.

The audiovisual experience provided to Deloitte creates a great first impression on guests who include global clients and partners. The Crestron control system ensures all the features are easily accessible via a touch panel, making the experience of using the room simpler for meeting participants. Every little aspect has been carefully included and integrated to ensure a seamless communication experience exactly as desired by the client. The key result is more effective client engagement and communication management at Deloitte.

Building Robust Meeting Infrastructure for Simplified Video Collaboration

As a leading financial services company, our client wanted to create a functional infrastructure that would promote smoother collaboration between teams and clients. Allwave team designed and implemented a solution that integrated AV, control, and collaboration tools resulting in effective work interactions across the organization. 

What was UTI looking for?  

UTI is a leading financial institution in India with its headquarters located in Mumbai. UTI required a flexible meeting workspace as well as a management system to create a cutting-edge working environment.

The finance industry is very dynamic and thus needs quick decisions to be taken from the management’s perspectives.

Allwave AV Systems provided the required collaboration infrastructure which helped UTI transform its multiconference rooms as well as boardrooms.

 Major Highlights:

Wireless Presentation System: Wall-mounted Display: Wireless Presentation System: Wall-mounted Display:
For seamless presentation across rooms For better viewing clarity in all lighting environments For seamless presentation across rooms For better viewing clarity in all lighting environments


For organizations in the Finance Sector, collaboration is the key to success. The new AV Infrastructure provides them with a great deal of flexibility in how and where they can share content. Furthermore, several AV and other technologies, when integrated efficiently, ensure a high level of security.