Simplicity and Importance of AV over IP

March 8, 2019by AllWave AV
Saves time increases productivity and evaluates the end-user experience

Share your data over the internet with ease without loss in quality. IP networks are a part of our daily business infrastructure. Many sectors today have started the use of AV solutions to improve performance, reduce expenses and simplify operations.  The effect of AV over IP has been a distinct advantage for the industry its effects can’t be exaggerated.  AV over IP solution is an easy way to provide audiences with engaging content.

Why use AV over IP?

Scalability: Eliminates port limitations.

Flexibility: Manage multiple displays remotely.

Distance: Eliminate distance barriers. 

Image Quality: Lossless video and ultra-low latency.

Cost Savings: Uses existing network equipment.

AV over IP benefited various sectors  

Education: Inter-connected campuses, buildings for events, lectures. Monitor experiments in real-time, from any connected rooms. Distribute sources to any location and deliver rich media content in libraries. 

Retail Industry: Specialized digital signages are used to display multimedia content for advertisement purposes.

Corporates: Improves collaboration, teams share innovative ideas, multimedia content, etc. AV over IP solution has helped them to combine remotely and locally. 

Home Automation: Enjoy effortless entertainment everywhere. 

Allwave AV global leader in providing quality Audio Visual Solutions in Industry. AV over IP is a practical cost-effective solution to deliver high-quality video with reducing complicated delivery systems and high-cost equipment but also emphasizes security while deploying AV over IP solutions at your end. We deploy solutions with strong access control, encryption, and digital content protection. 

Allwave-AV is a profound Acoustic designer and Audio Visual Integrations company and has evolved to be the most preferred professional Audio Visual systems integrator across many schools, colleges, corporate enterprises, campuses, auditoriums, House Of Worship spaces, and many more.

Our Vision is to consistently exceed clients’ expectations by creating powerful network solutions that support business processes today while leveraging the technologies tomorrow.