Webinar: Bluescape X AllWave AV Systems

December 28, 2021by AllWave AV

Collaborate with your distributed team like never before, keep them on the same page, and communicate effectively!

Bluescape brings people together with multiscreen infopresence. It’s like having your team with you, anytime, anywhere.

Multiple people can simultaneously work on a single screen, collaborate, annotate, record, stream and share screen files and have a logical sequence to their meetings.

The webinar explores how Bluescape can truly revolutionize the way work is done in the new normal.

The solution can be augmented by having a good AV infrastructure – decision room, in the headquarters with multiple interactive screens, microphones to enable the key decision-makers to view and make decisions based on multiple presenter slides.

Join our webinar to make your customers leverage the best tools to get work done in a hybrid world.

Watch this webinar by Steve Pryor, Director, EMEA Sales, and Partnerships at Bluescape, With his expertise on the Bluescape platform, he has helped customers leverage the best tools to get work done in a hybrid world.

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Here is a sneak peek into this session on “Stop just screen sharing and bring your meetings to life. 

Learn How Your Organization Can:

  • Bring your Meetings alive with rich content with multiple screen sharing options.
  • Learn how Bluescape solves a real pain point for teams that need a visual tool for collaboration but are not satisfied with just digital whiteboarding.
  • Enable your organization to align with the new hybrid work model of the future.