History of AllWave AV

23+ years of delivering exceptional AV services

Our Journey

AllWave AV was founded in the year 2000 by Mr. Kamat. Headquartered in Mumbai, we started as a service provider of paging, surveillance, and voltage stabilizers.
Zoom/Teams Rooms

Our Journey

AllWave has been a brand which has been in existence for several decades, we used to be in the business of selling voltage stabilizers, televisions as well as consumer electronics to Indian households pre 2000.

Post-2000 our focus shifted more on professional audiovisual solutions. With a multitude of applications like corporate boardroom, training rooms, command centers, experience centers, auditoriums, video conferencing suites as well as bespoke applications we have grown to be a preferred av integrator for many Indian and multinational clients across India.

Recently as demand for global services and deployment has risen, we have been recognized as one of the leading integrators in India and then invited to be a part of the PSNI Global Alliance. This is a testament to the focus that we had in delivering numerous projects with on-time on quality and with an obsession for end-user adoption and acceptance. A lot of our growth has been through very simple word-of-mouth recommendations from our existing customers who have been loyal to us for many years.

We are known in the industry for having a very grounded approach to our design and installation and are known as very easy people to work with. Our 4 pillars are design-supply-install and maintain. In the year 2022, we have started our Global Services division (Core | Prodigy | Platinum) offering a multitude of services to customers as well as partners to leverage our design and AV knowledge, warehousing capability and local knowledge of business in India.

Our initial focus was on creating world-class meeting rooms, training rooms, auditoriums, etc to provide a bespoke experience to our clients.

For the past 23+ years of growth and development, AllWave AV managed to design, supply, and provide in-house installations for Indian as well as multinational clients.

Recently as the demand for better AV solutions grew, we have expanded our services on a global level. We are now officially a part of the PSNI Global Network. We strive to deliver better value to our clients with continual efforts.

Our Philosophy

Our objective is to be the preferred AV integrator for top Indian companies and multinationals (Global Accounts) as well as the integrator-of-choice for design and building bespoke audiovisual and technology applications including Internet of Things (IoT) and Workspace Intelligence. We have two guiding philosophies for each of our installations:
1. Technology is only useful if the end-users find it intuitive and user-friendly.
2. We pride ourselves on being India’s #1 Integrator for post sales support & managed services.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Innovation and Execution are the two main pillars of our company philosophy to assist our customers and technology end-users in creating unique communication experiences. We have helped our clients in improving the quality of work by utilizing our technology solutions.

Our Team

We are a team of 95+ skilled professionals in India, with ISO 9000 certifications. Together we bring to you an unmatched level of experience with professional expertise. We have achieved a 100% customer satisfaction and retention rate in the past and plan to maintain a superior level of service.

AllWave AV is an equal opportunity employer, that encourages its team members to avail professional certifications and upskill themselves to meet the current market needs.

4-step Action Plan

Exceptional solutions delivered every single time.


We audit your current technology setup and analyse the requirements to provide AV Solution designs that comply with the INFOCOMM Standards.


The Technology Roadmap and constant efforts from the admin team ensures timely deliveries of all international standard products.


Our experienced team members deliver perfect installations with the help of a unique 30-point Implementation Checklist.


Support Team experts provide lightning fast response to service requests to ensure your AV setup runs smoothly without any interruption.

Leading Technologies in Auditorium AV Design

QSC Speakers-technology

QSC Speakers

Impeccable sound quality with no distortion that will keep your audience hooked.


Occupancy Sensors with motion detection to control climate, lighting and other devices.


Easily monitor power consumption of equipment, assets and appliances.
Revolution Acoustics-technology

Revolution Acoustics

Get consistent, comprehensive coverage for sound masking.


Handsfree mic, throwable mics and wireless products to engage with the audience.
Institute of Technology Bombay

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