Lifesize Cloud Application

November 24, 2018by AllWave AV

Video, Audio and Web Conferencing, and the ability to Record and Share meetings all in one application.

Say Hello! to Audio, Web and Video conferencing like you’ve never seen. Only Lifesize delivers one solution for simply connecting your conference rooms to everyone who needs to be in the meeting from anywhere, on any device. And that’s just the beginning!

Connect freely (via desktop, mobile and browser-based web app)

Ideal for individual mobile video conferencing with a compact, foldable 360º swivel design.

Key Features
  • Simple, consistent experience across every device.
  • Supports BYOD programs and user device preferences.
  • Web-based app for making calls without downloads.

Standards-based Interoperability

Key Features
  • Flexibility around your existing workflows.
  • Reach more people face to face.
  • Enjoy our best-in-class meeting room experience.

Easy administration designed with IT in mind.

  • View interactive dashboard of call statistics.
  • Manage your company’s user directory.
  • Set calendar integration and account-level options.
  • Customize Lifesize® Phone™ HD home screens.
  • Activate Lifesize Record & Share.
  • Get real-time email alerts about the health of your Lifesize Icons

Global reliability with secure encryption.

  • Fast, private network with data centers around the globe.
  • Direct connections to more than 20 global carriers.
  • Redundant architecture designed for transparent failover and backup.