Enhancing Collaboration and Communication with Audio-Visual Solutions

Collective Artists Network – Enhancing Collaboration and Communication with Audio-Visual Solutions

Introduction: Allwave AV has more than 22 years of experience in the audio-visual industry and has a thorough understanding of how audio-visuals and unified collaboration solutions work together. This case study focuses on the Collective Artist Network, a company that has greatly benefited from Allwave AV’s audio-visual and video conferencing solutions. The case study highlights how Allwave AV designed customized solutions for the company’s boardrooms and video conferencing rooms, as well as a Townhall solution that met all of their needs.

The Collective Artists Network is a company that brings together artists from different fields to collaborate and create new works. As such, the network needed a robust audio-visual and video conferencing solution that would allow its members to communicate and collaborate effectively, whether they were in the same room or working remotely. Allwave AV was approached to design and install the AV solutions for the network’s boardroom and video conferencing rooms, as well as a Townhall solution.

“Let us take this opportunity to thank you for your tech support and guidance throughout these years.” – IT Head, Mr. Suresh Poojary

Boardroom Solution: Allwave AV provided a customized solution for the boardroom, which included a 30-seater video conferencing solution with an 85″ display system. The video conferencing solution was equipped with a high-definition camera with USB, IP, and HDMI connections, along with a 20X PTZ Conference Wireless Camera for Zoom Meetings, an NUC PC, and a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The audio system included three table-top microphones, a Clearone Digital Signal Processor, an ADS Amplifier, and six Vectors CRR ceiling speakers. All of these components worked together seamlessly to create a high-quality audio-visual experience for the network’s members.

Digital Signage Solution: In addition to the boardroom solution, Allwave AV also provided a Digital Signage Solution. This solution provided content management choices that suited the network’s needs. The solution allowed for easy management of multiple screens with various content types, including videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, web URLs, and live broadcasts. The robust content management system and intuitive interface made it easy to customize the content for each screen, ensuring that the network got the most out of its digital signage. With this solution, the network was able to create dynamic and engaging displays that drew attention and delivered its messages with impact.

Collaboration Solution: Allwave AV proposed the Solistic Gen3 Pod as a collaboration solution for the network. The Solistic Gen3 Pod provided wireless ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ capabilities for faster start-up times, greater engagement among participants, and improved meeting room productivity. With an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features, the Solistic Gen3 Pod kept the network’s team connected and productive.

Townhall Solution: Finally, Allwave AV provided the perfect solution for the network’s Townhall with an Epson business projector with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and a 120″ Advanced Gear projection screen. The video conferencing system included a high-definition camera with USB, IP, and HDMI connections, a Logitech screen share, and a wireless vocal set of two AKG handled microphones. The audio system was designed with a manual audio mixer of Behringer, a two-channel Crown power amplifier, and six Vector wall-mounted speakers. Valrack cabling and racking were used for neat and efficient cabling and networking.


Allwave AV’s customized audio-visual and video conferencing solutions helped the Collective Artists Network to enhance collaboration and communication among its members. The boardroom and video conferencing solutions provided a seamless audio-visual experience, while the Digital Signage Solution and the Solistic Gen3 Pod collaboration solution provided additional value to the network. The Townhall solution provided an immersive experience for all participants, with high-quality video and audio systems. Allwave AV’s expertise and experience in the AV industry ensured that the solutions

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