Case Study


In today’s fast-paced business environment, advanced audio-visual (AV) solutions are crucial for effective communication and collaboration in boardrooms. This case study explores the integration of the Yealink AV system in a medium-to-large boardroom, highlighting its impact on communication and overall meeting efficiency.

Boardroom Setting: A modern boardroom that requires high-quality AV solutions to facilitate seamless communication and presentations. The setting demands reliable technology that can support both in-room and remote participants effectively.

Solution Overview: Yealink MVC860-C5-713 Video Conferencing System: Tailored for medium-to-large rooms, this system offers a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams Rooms, boosting meeting efficiency and collaboration across dispersed teams.

Camera and Control: The system features a UVC86 12X optical PTZ 4K dual-eye intelligent camera that ensures high-definition video capturing. The VCR20 remote control allows easy adjustments and operation, adding convenience and flexibility during meetings.

Core System Components

The Yealink MCoreKit-C5 includes:

MCore Pro mini-PC
MTouch Plus touch panel

These components streamline the management and automation of the meeting environment, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

Content Sharing: The WPP30 enables wireless content sharing, facilitating presentations and collaboration without physical constraints, thus enhancing the flow of meetings.

Audio System: The audio setup comprises two VCM35 array microphones and the Yealink MSpeaker II. This configuration ensures clear and powerful audio capture and output. The microphones feature a 360-degree voice pickup range of up to 6 meters, ideal for large boardrooms, ensuring every participant is heard clearly.

Network and Power: The RCH40 PoE Switch simplifies connectivity and power supply for audio components, enhancing setup cleanliness and reliability.

Software and Warranty: The system is preloaded with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise OS and Microsoft Teams Rooms App, offering out-of-the-box functionality. It includes a two-year hardware warranty, providing assurance on the investment.


Installation Process: The system was installed following a detailed plan that addressed specific challenges such as room acoustics and component placement for optimal performance. Feedback from IT specialists indicated that the integration with existing infrastructure was smooth and efficient.

System Integration: The Yealink MVC860-C5-713 was seamlessly integrated with the existing Microsoft Teams setup, ensuring a unified communication platform that supports both in-room and remote participants.


Enhanced Meeting Efficiency: The dual-eye camera and intelligent microphone placement automatically focus on the speaker, reducing the need for manual adjustments. This feature enhances the meeting flow and reduces downtime.

Superior Audio-Visual Quality: The system ensures crystal-clear audio and sharp video for all participants, which is crucial for detailed presentations and discussions.

Ease of Use: The integration with Microsoft Teams and plug-and-play capabilities make the system accessible for all users, regardless of their tech proficiency.

Reliability and Support: With a robust warranty and comprehensive customer support, the boardroom’s AV needs are securely backed up, ensuring minimal downtime and reliable performance.


The integration of the Yealink AV system has significantly transformed boardroom communication, enhancing collaboration and meeting efficiency. The system’s advanced features and ease of use have streamlined operations, ensuring that the boardroom remains a hub for productive and effective meetings.

Our client, a leading educational institution, envisioned an advanced auditorium equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to facilitate immersive learning experiences, dynamic presentations, and seamless collaboration.

Client Feedback:

“As Mr. Rajesh Vaidya put it, ‘The communication within the project team was excellent, and the coordination among support teams was also good. The project team, in particular, did a great job at coordination, ensuring that the project timelines were well-maintained.”

  • Mr. Rajesh Vaidya
  • KPIT


Challenges Faced: The client sought to overcome several challenges in their existing auditorium setup
  • Outdated audiovisual equipment hindering effective communication.
  • Lack of coordination among different audiovisual components resulting in inefficiencies.
  • Inadequate support for modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions.
Solution Provided:

Working closely with the client, our team developed a comprehensive audiovisual solution tailored to their specific requirements. Here’s an overview of the key components installed:


A. Display System:

Implemented a high-resolution LED Wall Processor by Novastar (4K Prime) to drive the LED Wall, ensuring vibrant and crisp visuals.
Installed a 65″ Sidefill Display with custom brackets for optimal viewing angles.

B. Display Support System:

Integrated a custom-designed Floor Box with HDMI, Data, and Power Connectivity, providing seamless integration with the auditorium setup.
Recommended a Cisco network switch with 48 ports for robust network connectivity.

C. Video Conferencing (VC) System:

Deployed Sony PTZ Cameras (SRG-A12 for Trainer, SRG-A40 for Audience) with IP-based Joystick Controller (Sony RM-IP500) for versatile camera control.
Utilized Inogeni HDMI to USB Capture Card for efficient video capture.
Supplied a Thin Client PC for wireless presentation capabilities.

D. Audio System:

Installed Amplifiers and  DSP for pristine audio output and sophisticated signal processing.
Integrated Sennheiser wireless microphones and receivers for clear and reliable audio transmission.
Included a Studiomaster AIR16U Analog Mixer for versatile audio control. Along with KME ILS 64 FOH Speakers, which were wall mounted in the Auditorium.

E. Lectern:

Provided a custom-designed lectern with USB charging, power sockets, LED light, and an openable flap for convenience during presentations.

F. Control System:

Implemented Cue Systems Versatile D AV Controller for centralized control of audiovisual devices.
Installed custom wall mounts for iPads to streamline user interaction and control.

G. Cables & Connectors:

Supplied high-quality bulk cables for audiovisual and collaboration needs, ensuring reliable connectivity.

H. Services:

Offered comprehensive installation, testing, and commissioning services, along with system development and one-year onsite support.
Programmed DSPs to enable complete AV control via iPads, enhancing user experience and convenience.

Additional Material:

Provided essential accessories such as a trolley for confidence monitor, tripod for cameras, WiFi router, and AV rack for efficient equipment management.

Challenges Faced in detail:

Outdated audiovisual equipment hindering effective communication:

Prior to our intervention, the client’s auditorium was equipped with outdated audiovisual systems that struggled to deliver clear and immersive communication experiences. This limitation hindered the effectiveness of presentations and lectures, impacting audience engagement and understanding.
Lack of coordination among different audiovisual components resulting in inefficiencies:

The disparate nature of the existing audiovisual setup led to coordination challenges, resulting in inefficiencies during events and presentations. Without seamless integration and coordination among components, the client faced difficulties in managing and operating their audiovisual infrastructure efficiently.
Inadequate support for modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions:

The existing setup lacked support for modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions, limiting the client’s ability to engage their audience effectively. Without the necessary tools and technology, the client struggled to deliver dynamic and engaging presentations that met the evolving needs of their audience.

Results Achieved:

Enhanced communication and collaboration among presenters and audience members:

By upgrading to state-of-the-art audiovisual technology, we facilitated clear and immersive communication experiences within the auditorium. The high-resolution LED Wall Processor and strategically placed displays ensured that visuals were vibrant and crisp, capturing the audience’s attention and enhancing comprehension. Additionally, the deployment of advanced VC systems enabled seamless remote collaboration, allowing presenters to engage with remote participants effectively.

Streamlined operation and control of audiovisual devices, leading to smoother presentations:

Through the implementation of a comprehensive control system and custom-designed floor boxes, we addressed the coordination challenges faced by the client. Centralized control of audiovisual devices simplified operation, allowing presenters to focus on delivering their content without disruptions. The integration of network switches and high-quality cables ensured reliable connectivity, minimizing technical glitches and downtime during presentations.

Modernized infrastructure supporting a wide range of interactive teaching and presentation techniques:

The revamped audiovisual infrastructure provided the client with the flexibility to adopt modern presentation techniques and interactive sessions. The inclusion of wireless presentation capabilities, custom-designed lecterns, and advanced audio systems empowered presenters to deliver engaging and interactive content. Additionally, the provision of essential accessories such as trolleys, tripods, and AV racks enhanced the versatility and functionality of the auditorium, enabling the client to accommodate diverse event requirements seamlessly.


In conclusion, our collaborative effort with the leading educational institution resulted in a transformative upgrade of their auditorium audiovisuals, addressing key challenges and unlocking new possibilities for enhanced collaborative experiences. By meticulously analyzing the client’s pain points and tailoring our solution to their specific requirements, we successfully modernized their infrastructure while ensuring seamless integration and operation.

Sanofi: Seamless Audiovisual Integration PAN India | Zoom Rooms

Sanofi, a leading global pharmaceutical company, sought to enhance their communication and collaboration capabilities across their offices in India. With a focus on upgrading meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms. Sanofi aimed to streamline their operations and improve productivity through integrated audiovisual solutions and standarized their video conferencing platform as Zoom Rooms throughout PAN India. Therefore they partnered with us, a trusted provider of AV integration services, to fulfill their vision.



Nationwide Deployment: Sanofi required AV systems to be installed in multiple locations across India, presenting logistical challenges and the need for standardized solutions.
Integration with Zoom Rooms: The client requested seamless integration with Zoom Rooms. It ensures compatibility and ease of use for their employees.
Varied Room Types: Meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms each had unique requirements, necessitating tailored solutions for optimal performance.


Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of Sanofi’s requirements and infrastructure to devise a customized solution.

Leveraging our expertise in AV integration and collaboration technologies, we proposed the following:

Unified AV Platform: Implementing a standardized AV platform based on Zoom Rooms technology to ensure consistency and ease of use across all locations.
Room-Specific Solutions: Tailoring AV setups to suit the specific needs of each room type. It includes display screens, cameras, microphones, and speakers optimized for meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms.
Nationwide Deployment: Coordination with local teams and vendors for efficient deployment of AV systems across multiple Sanofi offices throughout India.
Training and Support: Providing comprehensive training sessions for Sanofi employees to familiarize them with the new AV systems. Offering ongoing support to address any technical issues or questions.

The successful implementation of audiovisual systems integration for Zoom Rooms across Sanofi’s offices in India yielded significant benefits:

Enhanced Collaboration: Seamless integration with Zoom Rooms facilitated smooth and efficient virtual meetings, fostering collaboration among Sanofi teams nationwide.
Improved Efficiency: Standardized AV setups simplified meeting processes and reduced the time spent on technical troubleshooting. Leading it ahead to improved operational efficiency of the organization.
Consistent User Experience: Employees experienced a consistent and user-friendly interface across all meeting spaces and regardless of location or room type.


By partnering with us for audiovisual systems integration. Sanofi successfully transformed their meeting rooms, conference rooms, and boardrooms into modern collaboration hubs. The standardized AV platform, tailored solutions, and nationwide deployment have empowered Sanofi to conduct seamless virtual meetings. Leading it ahead to drive productivity across their organization. As a trusted partner, we remain committed to supporting Sanofi’s audiovisual needs and enabling their continued success in the dynamic landscape of modern workplace technology.

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Transformative Audiovisual Integration for WNS

At the intersection of innovation and efficiency, WNS. A global business process management (BPM) company, sought to elevate its work environment. Our team at Allwave AV proudly presents a case study highlighting our successful integration of a cutting-edge audiovisual system, tailored to meet the diverse needs of WNS’s dynamic workspaces.

Tailored Solutions for Enhanced Communication:

In response to the multifaceted requirements of WNS, we designed and implemented a comprehensive audiovisual solution. Which resulted in enhanced communication and collaboration across various spaces within their premises.

Video Conferencing Excellence Across Five Spaces:

Addressing the need for seamless virtual collaboration, our team designed a video conferencing system for five distinct spaces. A 17-person room, an 8-person room, a 6-person room, and a dedicated training room. The choice of Logitech solutions guaranteed top-tier. With high-definition video conferencing experiences throughout the organization along with Samsung. Which is one of our preferred vendor renowned for delivering exceptional visual experiences.

Holistic Integration with Accessories:

In tandem with Logitech’s cutting-edge technology, we curated a suite of accessories to complement and enhance the Video Conferencing (VC) System in each space. Meticulously selected accessories ensured flawless video communication, creating a holistic and optimized conferencing environment.

Display Excellence with Samsung:

For the Display system, we turned to Samsung, our preferred vendor renowned for delivering exceptional visual experiences. Thoughtfully chosen Samsung displays not only promise quality but also seamlessly integrate with Logitech video conferencing solutions. Leading it towards creating a unified and superior audiovisual experience.

Training Room: A Hub of Technological Advancement:

In the expansive training room, our team curated a sophisticated setup to meet the demands of dynamic training sessions. The impressive “Samsung – QM85” – an 85-inch Professional 4K LED Display – paired with Logitech RALLY PLUS, forms a powerful synergy, creating an immersive and technologically advanced training environment.

Complete AV Setup: Wall Mount Bracket and Faceplates:

Enhancing flexibility and functionality, our custom wall mount bracket ensures optimal display placement, offering easy adjustments for a perfect view. Alongside, our AWAV Faceplates with Bulk Cables contribute to a streamlined and organized workspace. It supports HDMI, VGA, VGAA, USB, and AV connectivity.

Professional Installation, Commissioning, Testing:

Our commitment extends beyond equipment provision. Our professional team provided installation, commissioning, and testing services. It ensures the seamless integration of the audiovisual setup into each room. Step into the future of collaborative spaces, where technology meets design, and communication knows no bounds.

This case study exemplifies our dedication to delivering top-tier audiovisual solutions, enhancing communication, collaboration, and overall productivity within WNS’s dynamic work environment.

Project Overview:

Witness a remarkable transformation in a 35,000-square-foot cafeteria, where the audiovisual system for their cafeteria received a substantial upgrade. This encompassed the Multipurpose room, Dining area, and Kitchen-Bar area, each featuring a one-of-a-kind design.


The team at Allwave AV worked closely with the Capital Land organization to ensure that the Audiovisual System met all their requirements and specifications. The outdoor LED screen was a particularly challenging aspect of the project. It had to withstand all kinds of weather conditions while still providing high-quality visuals. The speaker installations were at almost 20 feet above. The complete fabrications of the active LED were also done by Allwave. The entire project completion was done under 30 days.

Allwave AV also provided seamless and effective audiovisual solutions for the multipurpose room, dining area, and kitchen AV bar area. The goal was to create a fully immersive experience for all visitors, whether they were there for business or pleasure.

  • The project completion timeline was set at 2 months, but the LED Wall installation was completed within 2 days with cue controllers for control. Goods’ delivery was completed within 30 days, including imports for the active LED.
  • This impressive turnaround time was achieved through the efficient planning and execution of the project by the team at Allwave. The team worked tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the installation were completed to the highest standard, while also adhering to strict timelines and budgets.
  • The use of cue controllers for the LED Wall installation allowed for seamless control and synchronization of the LED panels, creating a stunning visual display. In addition, the speaker installations at a height of almost 20 feet required careful planning and execution to ensure optimal sound quality throughout the space.
  • Allwave’s expertise in fabrication also played a crucial role in the project’s success, with the team delivering a flawless, custom-made active LED that perfectly fit the client’s needs. Overall, the project was a testament to Allwave’s commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver exceptional results within tight deadlines.
Project Team:
  • The AV system designers worked closely with the project managers to ensure that the AV system was not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. They carefully selected equipment that not only met the requirements of the space but also complemented the overall design of the venue.
  • One of the challenges that the team faced was ensuring that the audio system delivered high-quality sound throughout the space. They had to take into consideration factors such as room acoustics and the placement of the speakers to ensure that the sound was clear and balanced.
  • To achieve this, the team used state-of-the-art equipment such as the JBL column arrays, which provided even sound coverage throughout the space. The Crown amplifiers were also chosen for their reliability and ability to deliver high-quality sound.
  • The touch panel interfaces and cue controllers allowed for easy operation of the system, and the audio system delivered crystal-clear sound. The team’s hard work paid off, and the venue’s guests were able to enjoy a memorable audiovisual experience.
Challenges Overcome:
  • The project team encountered challenges while installing the LED walls due to the screen height of around 6 feet. However, with their teamwork and dedication, they overcame the challenge and completed the LED wall installation within 2 days.
  • The LED walls were a crucial component of the project, as they were designed to provide a visually stunning backdrop for the event. The team had spent time in planning and designing the layout of the walls. It ensures that they were perfectly aligned and positioned to create a seamless and immersive experience for the attendees.
  • Despite the challenges they faced, the team remained focused and determined to deliver the project on time. They worked tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the installation was completed to the highest Audiovisual standard, from the wiring and cabling to the calibration of the screens.
  • In the end, their hard work paid off, as the LED walls provided a stunning and captivating display for the event. The attendees were impressed with the quality and clarity of the screens. The team received numerous compliments on their work.

The use of advanced audiovisual technologies such as high-definition displays, interactive touchscreens, and immersive sound systems allowed the spacesto become more than just a place to grab a quick bite. Now, it serves as a hub of entertainment and engagement for visitors, providing an engaging and memorable experience.

Allwave AV’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the transformation, from the custom graphics and branding to the seamless integration of audiovisual technologies. The success of this project serves as a testament to Allwave AV’s ability to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

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Netcracker Technologies’ Innovative Cafeteria Audio System Integration

Introduction: Cafeteria Audio System

This case study highlights the successful implementation of an advanced audio system in the cafeteria of Netcracker, a leading technology solutions provider. The objective was to create a seamless and immersive audio experience for employees, ensuring clear communication and enhancing the overall cafeteria ambiance. The study focuses on the selection and integration of key audio components and the associated services provided.

“I wanted to express my utmost satisfaction with the exceptional audio and video solutions you provided. From start to finish, your expertise, attention to detail, and professionalism were outstanding. The clarity of the audio and the visual quality of the videos surpassed our expectations. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and delivering a seamless experience. Highly recommended!”

  • Prakash Chelluri, Senior Engineer
  • Netcracker Technology
Client Background:

Netcracker operates in a fast-paced, technology-driven environment with a large employee base. They recognized the importance of providing a comfortable and engaging cafeteria space where employees can relax, communicate, and enjoy their meals. The client sought to upgrade their existing audio system to meet these requirements.

  • The primary objectives for the cafeteria audio system implementation were:
  • Clear and intelligible communication for announcements and employee engagement.
  • High-quality audio reproduction for background music and public address.
  • Flexibility and ease of use for different types of audio sources.
  • Seamless integration of audio components with the existing infrastructure.
  • Efficient installation, testing, and commissioning of the audio system.
  • Onsite support and user acceptance testing (UAT) for a smooth deployment.

To address the client’s objectives, the following audio components were integrated into the cafeteria space:

Wireless Microphone System:
  • 4-Channel UHF Wireless Microphone System: Allows multiple speakers to communicate wirelessly, providing flexibility and convenience.
  • Headworn/Headset Microphone for XR Series Bodypack Transmitters: Enables hands-free communication for speakers during presentations or announcements.
  • Mic Stand for Handheld Mic: Provides support for handheld microphones during live performances or interactive sessions.
Audio Mixer and Amplification:
  • Analog Audio Mixer with USB MP3 Player and Bluetooth Connectivity: Offers versatile audio mixing capabilities and allows playback from USB devices or Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Power Amplifier: Amplifies audio signals and ensures optimal sound quality and distribution throughout the cafeteria.
Speaker System:
  • 2-Way Open-Ceiling Pendant Speaker: Strategically placed speakers even provide sound coverage and distribute audio throughout the cafeteria space.
Rack System and Connectivity:
  • AV Rack: Houses and organizes the audio components, ensuring proper installation and maintenance.
  • Cables & Connectors: High-quality cables and connectors establish reliable connections between audio devices.
  • Bulk Cables: Additional cables for future expansion and flexibility in the audio system.
  • Installation, Testing & Commissioning: Professional installation and thorough testing to ensure proper functionality and integration of the audio system.
  • Onsite Support (Multiple Times): Dedicated technical support on-site to address any issues or modifications required during the deployment phase.
  • UAT – User Acceptance Testing: Involvement of end-users in the testing process to ensure the audio system meets their expectations and requirements.
Implementation and Results: Conclusion

The implementation of the audio system in Netcracker’s cafeteria involved meticulous planning, installation, and testing.

The results of the implementation were as follows:

  1. Clear Communication: The wireless microphone system, along with the head worn/headset microphones and mic stand, provided clear and intelligible audio for announcements, presentations, and interactive sessions.
  2. Enhanced Audio Experience: The analog audio mixer allowed seamless integration of various audio sources, including USB devices and Bluetooth enabled devices. This ensures that the cafeteria to play background music and other audio content to enhance the overall ambiance.
  3. Optimal Sound Reproduction: The power amplifier ensured efficient amplification of audio signals, delivering high-quality sound throughout the cafeteria. The strategically placed pendant speakers even provided sound coverage and an immersive audio experience.
  4. Organized Infrastructure: The AV rack system, along with properly installed cables and connectors, facilitated efficient management and maintenance.




“Despite facing delays due to global delivery issues with our requirements, Allwave provided us with exceptional assistance in arranging spare equipment till the project was fully completed. We were satisfied with the level of support provided by their team, particularly their project team; they also demonstrated a keen understanding of our pain points and offered the best possible solutions to address them. Thanks to his excellent project management skills, the escalations were also addressed and handled professionally”.

-Mr. Inayat Shaikh (IT Head)

Synechron, Pune

About the Project: Synechron Inc. Pune India


Synechron is a global consulting and technology organization that specializes in providing digital, business consulting, and technology services to financial institutions.

Synechron has a strong track record of delivering innovative solutions to its clients in the financial services industry. In addition to its expertise in digital and business consulting, Synechron has a deep understanding of the technology landscape, making it a trusted partner for financial institutions looking to stay ahead in a rapidly changing market.


Some additional points to consider about Synechron’s offerings include:


Synechron was looking to upgrade their Audiovisual System capabilities throughout their workspace. They identified several areas that required Audio Video Systems Integration, including the boardroom, pantry, digital cafeteria, reception area, meeting room, collaboration space, and a special area known as Finlab.

Upon the company’s acceptance of the proposed solutions, Allwave collaborated with their team to ensure timely and cost-effective installation. Additionally, they provided training to the company’s staff on how to use the new AV equipment with step-by-step instructions on how to utilize the solutions on standees.


Audio and Visual Upgrades:


Allwave AV provided a range of solutions to improve the audio and visual capabilities of the office facility.

The Polycom and Cisco Webex video conferencing systems in the boardrooms ensure clear audio and video during virtual meetings.

The Brightsign players and Crestron controllers make it easy for employees to control and manage the audio-visual equipment in the boardroom.

In the pantry and cafeteria, the new projectors, screens, and audio systems provide entertainment during breaks, while the gaming zone creates a fun and engaging environment for employees. Allwave AV also provided solutions for the installation of control systems to ensure the smooth operation and management of all AV equipment.


Intended Use of Few Areas for Audiovisual System Integrations:


Boardrooms: The boardrooms are used for important meetings and presentations. Allwave AV recommended and installed Polycom and Cisco Webex video conferencing systems, along with Brightsign players and Crestron controllers. These systems improve the quality of audio and video during virtual meetings, making it easier for employees to collaborate and communicate with clients and colleagues.

Finlab: Finlab was provided with a custom-made interactive display solution with push-pull locking type brackets and an effective customer engagement solution consisting of LG Touch display, LG Interactive digital board, Logitech USB camera, and thin client PC’s. The AV solutions for video walls used for visual workspace solutions included Prysm, an LED Video Wall. For the audio system, Shure ceiling microphones and a Phoenix microphone array with built-in DSP were installed, along with Clearone speakers and Crestron amplifiers. The control system includes Apple iPads, wireless content stream device, Amazon Echo Plus – Smart speaker with Alexa, and Google Nest Audio.

Pantry & Cafeteria: The pantry and digital cafeteria provide employees with a space to eat and take breaks. Allwave AV installed projectors, screens, and other Audiovisual System systems in these areas, allowing for entertainment during breaks. They also created a new gaming zone that features Xbox One Series and Microsoft Xbox X/S Wireless Controller Robot White, providing a fun and engaging environment for employees during their downtime.




Overall, the company was thrilled with the results of the Audio Video Systems upgrades and the expert guidance provided by Allwave AV. The company now has a modern, fully functional office space that is equipped with the latest AV technology to support their business needs.

As a result of the AV upgrades, the company’s employees can now collaborate more effectively and efficiently, whether it be in large boardroom meetings, small huddle room team meetings, or informal collaboration spaces. Additionally, the new AV systems have improved the overall functionality and aesthetics of the office space.

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Innovative Audio-Visual Solutions from Allwave AV for Collaborative Workspaces

Grid Dynamics, a global digital engineering company, wanted to upgrade their reception area, meeting rooms and pantry spaces with modern audio-visual solutions to enhance the overall experience of their employees and clients. They wanted to create an immersive environment that was conducive to productivity and collaboration.

“Good knowledgeable people with good commissioning knowledge and good execution were done by the whole team, starting with the sales team and the technicians. I am quite happy with Allwave’s services. The salespeople had very good subject knowledge. They also gave us good suggestions after understanding our requirements. Not all clients have complete information on their requirements, they just try to tell what they expect and experts like Allwave should be able to suggest solutions. This is something that is very nicely done by Allwave’s sales team. We are going to expand further, Allwave was our system integrator for Phase 1 and Phase 2 and in the future, when we go for Phase 3, we will be contacting Allwave again.”

Mr. Muneer Shaikh

India Head Facilities- Grid Dynamics

Allwave AV with over 22 years of audio-visual industry experience has a strong understanding of how audio-visuals and unified collaboration solutions operate together. We gave them a quick site visit and had a detailed discussion of our scope of work. Following that, the company hired us to provide design, supply, installation, and maintenance services for a variety of audio-visual systems for their reception area, conference rooms, video-conferencing rooms, and pantry space. With the support of the AVIXA Standards, Allwave AV recommended distinct audio-visual solutions for each location, considering room size, lighting, acoustics, and other requirements.

Results: The reception area was equipped with a single 55″ 4K UHD Display, while the 4 pax meeting room was provided with a 43″ 4K UHD Commercial Display and the 6 pax meeting room with a 55″ 4K UHD Commercial Display. Both displays were mounted using standard wall mounts and supported by table-mounted faceplates with HDMI connectivity, providing a seamless viewing experience for all their meeting rooms.

For the pantry area, the company was given two options – a 123” Motorized Projection Screen with a 16:10 aspect ratio LCD Projector supported by ceiling-suspended mounting brackets and a 65″ 4K UHD Commercial Display with a standard wall mount swivel bracket. The solution was supported by a wall-mounted faceplate with HDMI connectivity.

Allwave also handled installation, testing, commissioning, and user acceptability testing for Grid Dynamics, as well as one year of onsite support. This is how all their audio-visual requirements were successfully met by Allwave’s simplified and reliable solutions.


Overall, Allwave AV successfully delivered an enhanced meeting room experience for Grid Dynamics while providing seamless audio-visual solutions that met their requirements and matched their expectations. Allwave’s solutions were highly immersive, enabling for continuous communication and collaboration which contributed to increased productivity and efficiency in their workspace.

Collective Artists Network – Enhancing Collaboration and Communication with Audio-Visual Solutions

Introduction: Allwave AV has more than 22 years of experience in the audio-visual industry and has a thorough understanding of how audio-visuals and unified collaboration solutions work together. This case study focuses on the Collective Artist Network, a company that has greatly benefited from Allwave AV’s audio-visual and video conferencing solutions. The case study highlights how Allwave AV designed customized solutions for the company’s boardrooms and video conferencing rooms, as well as a Townhall solution that met all of their needs.

The Collective Artists Network is a company that brings together artists from different fields to collaborate and create new works. As such, the network needed a robust audio-visual and video conferencing solution that would allow its members to communicate and collaborate effectively, whether they were in the same room or working remotely. Allwave AV was approached to design and install the AV solutions for the network’s boardroom and video conferencing rooms, as well as a Townhall solution.

“Let us take this opportunity to thank you for your tech support and guidance throughout these years.” – IT Head, Mr. Suresh Poojary

Boardroom Solution: Allwave AV provided a customized solution for the boardroom, which included a 30-seater video conferencing solution with an 85″ display system. The video conferencing solution was equipped with a high-definition camera with USB, IP, and HDMI connections, along with a 20X PTZ Conference Wireless Camera for Zoom Meetings, an NUC PC, and a wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The audio system included three table-top microphones, a Clearone Digital Signal Processor, an ADS Amplifier, and six Vectors CRR ceiling speakers. All of these components worked together seamlessly to create a high-quality audio-visual experience for the network’s members.

Digital Signage Solution: In addition to the boardroom solution, Allwave AV also provided a Digital Signage Solution. This solution provided content management choices that suited the network’s needs. The solution allowed for easy management of multiple screens with various content types, including videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, web URLs, and live broadcasts. The robust content management system and intuitive interface made it easy to customize the content for each screen, ensuring that the network got the most out of its digital signage. With this solution, the network was able to create dynamic and engaging displays that drew attention and delivered its messages with impact.

Collaboration Solution: Allwave AV proposed the Solistic Gen3 Pod as a collaboration solution for the network. The Solistic Gen3 Pod provided wireless ‘Bring Your Own Meeting’ capabilities for faster start-up times, greater engagement among participants, and improved meeting room productivity. With an easy-to-use interface and comprehensive features, the Solistic Gen3 Pod kept the network’s team connected and productive.

Townhall Solution: Finally, Allwave AV provided the perfect solution for the network’s Townhall with an Epson business projector with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution and a 120″ Advanced Gear projection screen. The video conferencing system included a high-definition camera with USB, IP, and HDMI connections, a Logitech screen share, and a wireless vocal set of two AKG handled microphones. The audio system was designed with a manual audio mixer of Behringer, a two-channel Crown power amplifier, and six Vector wall-mounted speakers. Valrack cabling and racking were used for neat and efficient cabling and networking.


Allwave AV’s customized audio-visual and video conferencing solutions helped the Collective Artists Network to enhance collaboration and communication among its members. The boardroom and video conferencing solutions provided a seamless audio-visual experience, while the Digital Signage Solution and the Solistic Gen3 Pod collaboration solution provided additional value to the network. The Townhall solution provided an immersive experience for all participants, with high-quality video and audio systems. Allwave AV’s expertise and experience in the AV industry ensured that the solutions