Quick Tips for a more Productive Boardroom

February 20, 2020by AllWave AV
Boardroom Tips  

As per statistics, employees spend an average percentage of their time attending meetings. Designing boardrooms that fulfill employees’ needs, both creatively and practically, is critical for the company’s success.

The design layout of boardrooms/meeting rooms/conference rooms is crucial because they set a framework for the work that sets within it. It places both the technological and physical needs of the team members who will use it.

Having the right technology in the right place with correct decor, furniture, AV Systems, user-friendly display systems, and also helps in creating the right impact in communicating and collaborating with other team members and with brainstorming sessions.

Your boardrooms and conference rooms must be designed professionally and optimized in such ways that it is easier to operate.

We at Allwave AV Systems, experts in AV design, bring out to you some of the significant essential factors when designing any boardrooms, meeting rooms, conference rooms that must be kept in mind to ensure better productivity.

Quick Tips for a more Productive Boardroom2

#1 Decor:

Room Decor depends on many factors such as type of meetings that take place, training, a space to meet visitors, or for hosting webinars. A boardroom can be simple yet elegant in design. Technology should be used not as an after-thought but should be planned well into the design – so that it is unobtrusive and helps to speed up work.

#2 Furniture:

Rooms may vary in sizes from small to medium to large. But they all have a similar furniture setup that is versatile enough to be used for informal lounge setups and comfortable enough for long stretches of sitting for essential meetings.

#3 Lighting and Power:

To nail your boardrooms, you must have the right kind of lightning. Natural light will make people feel comfortable, awake, and alive. Natural lights also help people brainstorm, have new insights. A good boardroom design utilizes multiple light setups based on the different times of the day, as well as the kind of meeting that happens over a period of time. Optimal Lighting in the rooms helps in ideation, clearing thoughts and focus on what’s important.

#4 Video Conferencing:

Video is the number one way to communicate today. Thanks to high internet speeds and global connectivity – we can connect with each other in no time. Stay connected with your team, remote workers, partners, and your customers. Video conferencing solutions enable us to disseminate information faster and reach a wider audience enabling us to do more. Equip your boardroom with the latest video conferencing solutions to make sure you are on the fast track to success.

Quick Tips for a more Productive Boardroom3

#5 Presentation Capabilities:

Gone are the days of plain blackboards and whiteboards. We now rely on projectors, screens, smartboards, and all sorts of audio and video conferencing gadgets.

The positioning of screens and smartboards plays an essential role in a comfortable meeting experience. Measure the correct distance from the screen to the audience. Keep in mind all the accessories, cables, and speakers to be installed.

#6 AV technology

Boardrooms/Conference rooms/meeting rooms have to be set up with the right and latest AV technology that is easy to use and easy to configure and operate.

No matter how you design your boardrooms/meeting/conference rooms, always remember it should be first and foremost a comfortable space where professionals can gather, brainstorm, and collaborate.

At All Wave, we understand how the world is changing, and today more than ever, communication is the centerpiece that needs to be simple yet functional. Meeting rooms are the common ground where strategic moves are made not just amongst those that are present but also the ones that are working remotely. We provide high-end AV Solutions to connect teams and not machines. After all, it’s your team that helps you strengthen your company’s service or offering.